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Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the specialty outdoor products market through our dealer network by providing consumers with a wide range of quality products including fencing, decking, railing and garden accessories. We are dedicated to growing the vinyl & ornamental industry and meeting your customer's individual needs and wants.

Founded in 1996 by Robert and Ellen Burton, Poly Vinyl Creations is one of the Southeast's leading fabricators of vinyl fence, deck, railing, and garden products. By working with a Poly Vinyl Creations' distributor, you can receive either a standard or custom style vinyl or ornamental product to enhance your residential or commercial property. No matter what product you decide, with Poly Vinyl Creations, you know that you will get the best in quality vinyl or ornamental products on the market today!

Poly Vinyl Creations is an integrity-based, family-owned and operated company that has more experience with vinyl fence than any other business in the State of Florida. Bob Burton, CEO and CFP, fell in love with vinyl fence when he first saw it in the 1980s and helped grow Florida to the active vinyl market it is today. His personal home has essentially become a vinyl testing ground for different applications of vinyl that have developed throughout the years.


The owner Bob Burton was one of the first people to bring vinyl to the state of Florida in the mid-1980s. When asked, people would often say, "A plastic fence? Why would anyone want a plastic fence?" Well, the market has certainly wanted those plastic fences as Florida is the second hottest market for vinyl in the country, if not the leader as far as an entire state for the vinyl fence market. By selling through distributors, Poly Vinyl Creations is able to maintain its dedication to customization, run a steady and quick turn-around time and delivery schedule on 40-ft flat bed trucks throughout FL, GA, AL, SC, TN, NC and VA (delivery available via LTL to other parts of the United States and Export).

Dedication to Quality

Since working in the vinyl business since the 1980s and being incorporated in 1996, the executive staff at Poly Vinyl Creations has seen many fabricators and even extruders come and go. "Why is this?", you may ask. Well, dedication to quality of product and service account for most of it. Throughout the years, we have seen many different wall thicknesses of product offered which directly relates to both the cost and the stability of the product. Basically, the thicker the product, the more it costs. However, in addition to that, vinyl has a tolerance where many companies can publish a higher wall thickness but you actually receive a much thinner wall. Poly Vinyl Creations only partners with extrusion houses with tight tolerances that run heavy as a norm rather than light. Poly Vinyl Creations staff also routinely spot check for material thicknesses to ensure that you are getting the best possible product on the market today.


We at Poly Vinyl Creations also do not mix extrusions in our fabrication process, a trend that has grown significantly over the past few years in order to lower product costs. The reason that we do not do this is that different extrusion houses follow different standards with their tolerances, color pigmentation, and impact modification. When a company does this, it actually lowers the value of your investment because you do not have a true warranty on the material and all extrusions are processed differently. Whether you choose a Poly Vinyl Creations product or one of our competitors, insure that you are getting what you pay for and are getting a true investment of all of the same extrusions. If you have any questions, you can contact our Corporate office at 800-780-3362 or via e-mail at marketing@polyvinylc.com.

Poly Vinyl Creations does not sell to the end user and focuses on its distribution network to distribute materials.

Get to know the PEOPLE at Poly Vinyl Creations:

Corporate Office – Hudson Florida
The corporate office services the State of Florida (excluding the panhandle), export accounts, and all accounts outside of general delivery areas

Branch: Georgia Office – Byron, GA
Our Georgia Branch services the panhandle of Florida, Georgia, The Greenville area of South Carolina, Alabama and parts of Tennessee

Branch: North Carolina Office – High Point, NC
Our North Carolina office services North Carolina, the majority of South Carolina, and Virginia

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